Step 2: Importing Data

You can import an almost unlimited number of tables into a database. The only limit to the number of tables is the size of your computer’s hard drive. Once it is full, you cannot import data. You can import delimited files into jMetrik. Acceptable delimiters include commas, semicolons, colons, and tabs.

  • Make sure you have an open database.
  • Click Manage > Import Data to start the dialog.
  • Type a name for the table in the Table Name text field.
  • Click the Browse button to start a dialog that allows you to select the delimited file on your computer. This dialog also allows you to choose two important options. If your data file has variable names in the first row, select the In first row optoin. If not, then choose the None option. Making the wrong selection will produce an error while importing data. The second important option is the type of delimiter. For example, select Comma if your file is comma delimited. Select Tab if your file is tab delimited. Click the Browse button to accept your selections and return to the previous dialog.
  • If you would like to add a description of you data file, type it in the Description text area. jMetrik will automatically add a description if you leave this area blank.
  • Click the Import button to execute the import. You table will appear in the table list when the import is complete.