How do I handle the security warning during installation?

Windows Users
Microsoft increased security standards for programs downloaded from the internet. They now require programs to be signed with a code signing certificate and to have an established reputation. Installer files are now signed under the company name Psychomeasurement Systems, LLC. However, the new code signing certificate has not yet developed a reputation. Therefore, you may see the message “Windows Protected Your PC” or another message saying the program is unrecognized. If you click “More Info” you will be able to verify the company name and select an option to continue the download. After downloading the software, your antivirus software may issue additional warnings that the application has not developed a reputation. It is OK to select the options that allow you to continue with the installation. As more and more people download the code-signed version of the installer, the reputation will increase and these warning messages will no longer appear.

Mac Users
Apple has also increased security standards and requires programs to be signed with a code signing certificate. The installer files for Mac are not yet signed but they will be in the near future. Until the installer is signed, Mac users may see an error message when installing or a warning that the publisher is unknown. Read this FAQ for information about this error message and how to work around it. Apple does not have the additional requirement for an established reputation. You will not see any warnings messages once the installer file is signed.