Compute correlations among two or more numeric variables. Correlations use the original data, not the item scores. jMetrik will display the correlation and covaariance matrix for the selected variables.

  • Click Analyze > Correlation to start the dialog.
  • Select two or more variables.
  • Select the Listwise deletion option to omit a case with missing data on any variable. Alternatively, choose the Pairwise deletion option to omit cases without data on one or both variables in a pair. Pairwise deletion may result in a different sample size for each pair of variables.
  • If you would like to see the standard error of the correlation coefficient and a p-value for the null hypothesis that r = 0.0, select the option to Show standard error.
  • By default, correlations will use an Unbiased estimator (i.e. n-1). If you would like to use a biased estimator (i.e. n), choose the Biased option.
  • Click the Run button to execute the analysis.