We provide a variety of services to jMetrik users including training and support, software customization, and psychometric consultation. Workshops are our primary means for user training and support. We host online workshops in January and August of each year. These workshops cover jMetrik in detail and provide an overview of the psychometric theory underlying the functions in jMetrik. Workshops are also available on a contractual basis if your organization is interested in hosting one for your employees. Contact for more information.

Software customization is available on a contractual basis. This option is ideal if you need advanced functions, special output formatting, or workflow integration. We can either extend jMetrik for your needs and include the changes in our open source libraries or we can create proprietatry software for your needs. Software customization developed for the open source community involves a discounted rate. Contact for more information.

Psychometric consultation ranges from guidance on item writing and test development to data analysis and technical documentation. Contact for more information.